Life Changes and Transition

Life Changes and Transition 

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Whatever the change of circumstance or life transition and however much we think we have prepared ourselves for them they can be difficult and unsettling times. Leaving school, starting work, getting married, having children, children leaving home and retirement can all mean changes in the way we identify and view ourselves. If you are struggling with these or any other life changes I can help you look at the impact of the changes the feelings associated with them.

Change is an inescapable fact of life, none of us stands still but we all need time to adjust to new circumstances. I will talk through with you what has happened in your life over the past few years and maybe even further back and help you to identify the life transitions you have been through. We will talk about their impact and how you feel about your life now with the aim of giving you time to properly process the changes and learn strategies for adjusting to the changes.

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