Bereavement & Loss

Bereavement & Loss

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We will all suffer bereavement and loss in our lives. I have several years experience working in a Hospice counselling people who have lost family both young and old. Bereavement will mean many different things to us and I believe it is important to acknowledge and affirm this. There is not a right or a wrong way to grieve. We lose our loved ones when they die but we can also experience loss through illness, loss of mobility, loss of life expectancy if given a terminal diagnoses and loss of the hopes and dreams that we had for life. There is also loss through change of circumstance such as divorce, children leaving home or losing a job. All these can be life changing. I can give you the space and time to talk through the confusing and difficult feelings

Firstly I should say that not everyone who is bereaved needs to have counselling. Many people will grieve in a way that is sad and difficult but with the understanding that their emotions are normal and with the support of family and friends they will move on in their life and find a place of comfort and peace. However bereavement can be a very difficult time and being able to talk through your emotions can be helpful. I can help you express all the emotions associated with grief in a safe place, allow you time to talk about the person or the loss without the emotional attachment that a family member or friend may have. Sometimes we can experience anger towards the person who has died, this is completely normal and part of the grieving process but not always one that is easy to express to other people who are also grieving. Speaking out those difficult emotions without fear of judgement or comment can be very helpful in the healing process.

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