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Stress can be caused by numerous events and circumstances and people react in equally numerous ways and employ countless coping strategies to deal with their stress. Personally I work better when faced with a deadline and knowing something has to be finished on time, it gives me the push that I need to get the job done and this is a healthy and productive way for me to work. Other people may find this too great a pressure and avoid the deadline or become ill at the thought of missing the deadline, sound familiar? Stress is important in our lives and helps us to achieve but when it starts to adversely affect us it can be helpful to reflect and change our approach in order to maintain balance in our life.

I can help you understand what your stress triggers are and identify your coping strategies. I can help you reflect on these triggers, what causes them and how you may be able to respond differently to them. I can also help you understand unhelpful coping strategies and look at alternative ways of dealing with stress in your life

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