New Year Resolutions – Be Kind to Yourself

New Year’s resolutions
Being kind to yourself
As we enter another year many of us will be making New Year’s resolutions and committing to a range of self improvement programs such as weight loss, more exercise, seeing family more, leaving work on time, taking up a course of study; to name but a few that I have tried over the years.
As I reflect on these and their varying levels of success I notice that all of them require a change of habit and a commitment to actively doing things differently. The aim of all of them was to improve my health and well-being. None of them would happen without some effort and without the effort little changed.
When we feel stressed is often when we make these commitments but then life gets in the way and very quickly the promises we made to ourselves to fall down the list of priorities.

Plan to Succeed
Eating well, exercise and getting enough sleep all contribute to general well being, physical, mental and emotional. This doesn’t necessarily mean dieting, hours at the gym and strict bedtimes. However by making small changes to eating such as more fruit and veg and cutting out the occasional chocolate bar, walking more and making sure that at least a few times a week we turn off the TV and computers and get to bed at a reasonable time can make a difference. Be kind to yourself without putting on too much pressure. If you plan to go to the gym four days a week and only manage one you may consider you have failed but if you plan to have a walk once a week and actually do it you will have succeeded and most likely feel good about yourself.
Be kind to yourself and set yourself up to succeed by setting realistic goals, they can always be changed and you can always start again tomorrow.

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